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My commitment is to provide learning techniques which allow caregivers the ability to provide loving, quality, enjoyable care to their residents.   Sharing our talents to the best of our abilities is proof positive that we love what we do.  And learning more about Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care is what it will take to be the best that we can be!
Lisa Ost-Beikmann ACC, AC-BC, CAEd, CADDCT, CDP

alzheimer's disease & dementia care seminars

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Contact us to set up a facility/area training class or see the NCCDP website for dates near you.

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Ensure your facility is meeting Federal Regulations #248, #249 and #281 - AND - Assure your families that their loved ones are receiving quality, personalized care by your staff! Click here for more info.

Caring Hands Consulting provides training in Alzheimer's disease and dementia care.

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A person with dementia is not giving YOU a hard time, the person with dementia is likely HAVING a hard time.